Audio88 – Fusionbändchen

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Hilfe - Edeka war schon schlimm - jetzt wird es noch schlimmer. #Sixt #RobertoBlanco #Fail #Total #Avis #King #hiphophuren


er hat wieder zugeschlagen…. voll im trend #trap #moneyboy

kann man feiern, sollte man auch. 
also ich sowieso. 


» blackcard 21 - ich kauf gleich die ganze bar - nicht nur getränke man

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The Berlin Mini Game Jam on July 26 was lots of fun. We had luck. Our room was with airconditioning so we called ourself Team Coolcat. I’ve seen so much great Ideas and so much energy in one place. Such a good idea to be there. If you like to join. Visit and join the Game Developers group.

My team used a left over from one of my projects which was planned as a small one so we had ideal sources for a fast start. I tried to keep the spirit open and our designer for sound (Taeko) came up with amazing stuff. (recordet with garage band on her Ipad mini)

From a guitar Hero controller til Oculus Rift or Leap motion, everything was there. Our way looked a bit classy but at least i can offer you our test APK for android.

Ready to play download via Dropbox:

Thank you so much for coming and thanks to the organizers.
amazing Team! 

+Christoph Zamaitat iOS Development
+Richard Wepner android Development (unity)
and at least me +Marie Schweiz the catlady and Designer.

for all da cat lovers. 
download it. 


ENTER PYONGYANG - dope timelapse.

North Korea - anytime i will visit u. 


allyouned + dhl in berlin - foood delivery using packstationen #aha 



Moodymanns latest EP on KDJ
Weldon Irvine - Spirit Man LP


Weldon Irvine - Jungle Juice


Berlin - 50 Jahre später heißt jetzt:

thanks to @codingdavinci team, esp. helene.
awesome crew. 
awesome event. 


website switch by these days.
facebook, twitter will come soon.

app release delayed.
(we wont launch an app that may fail an almost every older android device.) 

sorry for that. 
if you like being informed, get in touch with me via twitter.